What they really think….

I can honestly say that I love your class and that you are an extremely talented instructor. The only thing is that I feel you deserve a bigger venue. You are a great ambassador for yoga and Ottawa would be well served by having greater access to your welcoming approach. 

~ Alex W.

Thanks to Marg and the Yin classes, I have been able to resume a fairly robust routine at a [local] gym with relative ease. The Yin classes help keep me loose and limber and I have been injury free for 6 [+] months. A record!!!

~ Tracey R


Friendly, funny, and totally worth trying. Margaret is a great instructor who uses her small classes to offer individual care to ensure you are getting the most out of your practice.

~ Matt B


A fun space to practice. Marg is a joy. I’m looking forward to spending more time in this studio!

~ Jen G.


I saw Marg hold an outdoor Yoga class in the [local] park….I decided is was time to learn something new. I am very comfortable in Marg’s small studio, with every prop imaginable to support the aging body! I have grown to love Marg’s soothing voice as she guides us through the moves, introducing different forms of Yoga into each class. Exercise is not new to me; but the deep breathing and being more conscious of my movement is very beneficial to my body and in six months I have gained strength and become much more flexible.

~ Eileen H.