My Story

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A new phase, a new beginning....

Hi there,

My name is Margaret Hillier, owner and operator of my own little home studio, here in Westboro Village.  Yoga has been a part of my life on and off for nearly 10 years now.  I've tried different types - Hatha, Yin, Wall and hot yoga. Like many people, I would practice faithfully for awhile and then life would get in the way or I'd come up with any excuse to not get on my mat. I finally decided it was time to make a change in my life so jumped in with both feet and signed up for the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Adi Shesha Yoga Zone, where I had done a lot of my practicing.

That was a huge step for me. You see I don't have the typical yoga body and was wondering what my place in the yoga world would, or could, really be. I certainly make quite a dent in the sand, I am waaay past my 20's and 30's, heck 40's for that matter, and was not in the best of shape. Should I be doing this? Will I be able to keep up? I can't bend like that or hold my foot behind my head. Besides I don't want to teach yoga, just improve and deepen my own practice. Well was I surprised! About halfway through I realized I can do this (well not the foot behind the head part, and a few other things, but I just keep working with what I have - my healthy body) and I really want to share what I have learned. I started teaching a group of friends in a friend's basement and enjoyed it so much I had to figure out a way to keep doing this. So we cleared out our storage (that was brutal!) and New Moon Yoga was born.

I really enjoy teaching smaller groups, or teaching one-on-one,  so I can give that personal attention and have people hopefully bring yoga into their life on a regular basis as well. It is not work. It is an honor. And so darned fun. Plus it pushes me to keep learning the nuances of yoga to further develop my own practice so I can keep bringing new understandings to my students.

I definitely welcome larger classes and other gigs at other places - studios or corporate classes, but having a small home studio as well is important to me. So - if you have been wanting to get on your mat but large studios are not convenient or feel a little daunting, you like to laugh, you want to build up your strength, balance and flexibility, all while feeling comfortable ~ come and join us. My students are awesome!