My learning journey...

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The world of yoga is an amazingly dense and winding road with many forks. Which way to turn? Here are the roads I have chosen to discover to far.  I am so happy to be on this journey.  Come with me.


~ 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Certification completed at  Adi Shesha Yoga Zone  - Basia Going, Janice Tokaryk, Natalie Holst

~ Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga - Doug Keller

~ Chair Yoga Teacher Training - Michael Hutchins Yoga

~ Introduction to Yoga Wall Training - Tamara McIntyre,

~ Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Tamara McIntyre,

~ Yoga Therapeutic Wisdom Workshop (focus on the sacrum) - Doug Keller (PEI)

~ Yoga for All Certified Teacher Training - Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes