My Little Studio & More


small and comfy

Classes hold 5 students maximum so you get to know people and are able to be totally comfortable. The studio is at the back of my basement with two south facing windows and two doors separating it from the main area. It is bright and warm.  I love it! Basement does mean there are a few stairs.

I have lots of props - bolsters, blocks, straps, balls, sand bags - but please bring a yoga mat.  No scents please.


5 people maximum so early sign up is recommended


family home, parking& entry

My family includes my husband, Derek, teen aged son, Colin, and two cats, Pud and Sillis.  Pud you will hardly ever see and Sillis, well, she loves company! They are both outside cats and I do try to keep them out of the studio, although Sillis is quite a scamp and loves trying to join the class. Don't worry classes are animal free.

Parking - we are on a corner and have two driveways on Hilson Ave. The second one is in front of our detached garage. Feel free to use either one. Otherwise there is street parking on Hilson is usually very easy to get. Please do not park in front of our house on |Lyman. You will be ticketed. (unfortunately this has been proven)

Entry - use the front door off our porch.  We know you are coming so there is no need to knock or ring the doorbell. I will usually be there to greet you. Cats can come in or go out so don't worry about them. Remove your shoes, hang your jacket and just head on downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs there is a bathroom to the right and the studio is through the laundry room on the left. If you have bags or purses they can be left on the dryer just outside the studio so the room doesn't get too crowded. Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled.

 2nd Location

I also teach at Rideau Park United Church, 2203 Alta Vista Drive. (see Classes - page 2) Rooms are larger which allows for larger classes, lots of windows, lots of parking, no air conditioning. There is an elevator for those who cannot do stairs. Some props are available but limited. If you have blocks, straps and a blanket please bring them, along with your mat. Classes are gentle.

Come and join this friendly group.